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元鸿(山东)光电材料Yuan Hong Technical Materials Ltd.( YHTM )持续开发各类光电材料的完整解决方案。


1. 智慧手机用蓝宝石主屏保护盖Sapphire Cover Glass for Smartphone
2. 智慧手机用蓝宝石照相镜头保护盖Sapphire Camera Lens Cover for Smartphone
3. 智慧手表用蓝宝石主屏保护盖 Sapphire Cover for Smartwatch
4. LED封装用蓝宝石电路板 Metalized Sapphire Substrate for LED Packaging
5. 2”4” LED 磊晶用蓝宝石基板 Sapphire Substrate for LED
6. 2”4” LED 磊晶用图案化蓝宝石基板 Pattern Sapphire Substrate for LED
7. 4”表面声波滤波器用钽酸锂晶体及基板 LiTaO3 Crystal and Substrate for SAW Filter Device

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